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Foundation Universities

Turkish Universities offers a comprehensive University Placement Service, designed to help you enroll in any of our 40 private university partner institutions across Turkey. We assist with placements for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees. You can easily explore all subjects and degrees available at our partner universities through our website:

If you need to improve your language proficiency, you can enroll in a preparatory language program at our partner universities or at ILA Turkey, our sister school. ILA Turkey offers university preparation courses to help you achieve a recognized English or Turkish language level required by our partner universities. You can apply for the following courses:

  • English and Pearson Academic PTE Preparation Courses
  • Turkish and TOMER Preparation Courses: Certification test which evaluates your Turkish language proficiency as a foreign language.
  • YOS Exam Preparation Courses: Entrance examination preparation for foreign students at Turkish public universities.